I am so grateful to be able to capture memories for such amazing families!  These are some of the sweet words they have shared about our time together.  -Rachel

*The pictures are stunning!  I love every single one of them.  You did a beautiful job capturing us, the lighting, editing, the location.  The process was such a joy!  These are so priceless to me!  -K.P.

*Thank you again and again for capturing these brief moments and making our family glow in these pictures!  We want more next fall!! -N.M

*I am so happy and grateful to have such beautiful pictures to remember such a special time.  Thanks again Rachel, you are simply the best!  I cannot wait to shoot again with you next year!  -A.K.

*I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for our session.  First, thank you for accommodating us.  Second, thank you for your enthusiasm and energy.  I feel like you had great rapport with my children and that they genuinely enjoyed getting their photos taken for a change.  And lastly, thank you so much for going the extra mile.  I really feel like you tried to get my every wish for photos and then some!  Truly appreciated!  -A.D.

*We love our family pictures!  Thank you so much Rachel!  We can’t wait to cover our walls with them! -K.M.

*O.M.G.!  I am speechless!  They are gorgeous!!  It will be so hard to choose! -C.B.

*You are an amazing photographer!  You had crankiness, jet lag, hunger, and hot and you pulled it off!  Thank you!!  -A.W.

*So many people have gone out of their way to compliment the pictures you took!  So happy we were able to do it!  They mean a lot to me!  -L.S.