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I just adore the “D” family and was so excited to be able make some memories here in Florida!  I met this family for the first time while taking their pictures in DC.  We realized we had kids the same age and lived close by so got together a couple of times before my family moved back down here.  Fast forward one year and I get a call that they will be joining us in Florida!  We had no idea when we met what wonderful friends we would become.  I love that about life, you never know what gift awaits right around the corner!





Every year I try to get one picture where his eyes just pierce my soul.  This is the one.


This is the first time the “F” family had all been together for a long time and I am still so honored that they asked me to capture memories for them!  This was a lovely reminder that in a blink your kids are grown and before you know it you will have grand babies sitting on your lap!  Enjoy the journey because this is the stuff that counts and it goes by all to quickly!