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I just adore the “D” family and was so excited to be able make some memories here in Florida!  I met this family for the first time while taking their pictures in DC.  We realized we had kids the same age and lived close by so got together a couple of times before my family moved back down here.  Fast forward one year and I get a call that they will be joining us in Florida!  We had no idea when we met what wonderful friends we would become.  I love that about life, you never know what gift awaits right around the corner!





There is something about little girls in fancy dresses that I just adore!  Add the beach to that scenario and you have perfection!  Isn’t she lovely?


Awesome!  Yep I’m sure that how this handsome little guy would like to be described and I have to say that’s what the “A” family was!  We had to squeeze this one in before a big move and we got it done just in the nick of time… for real it was close!  I’m so glad we made it happen and that they have these memories to take with them on their next adventure!  Whew!blog1


The “C” family has a very special place in my heart, so when they called and said they were coming home to visit and wanted me to take their pics while they were in town I was so honored!  I have know these girls since they were itty bitty and I can’t believe how they’ve turned into such beautiful little ladies!  Our last shot of the night we decided to try something special.  I asked her to place the starfish in the sky and make a wish.  Turns out it is one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken and it couldn’t be of a sweeter family!